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The GEMI Local Water Tool™ (LWT) and the GEMI LWT™ for Oil and Gas helps companies and organizations identify the external impacts, business risks, and opportunities related to water use and discharge at a specific site or operation. The information generated in the GEMI LWT™ may be used by companies and organizations for developing management plans and communicating outcomes at their discretion.

What Do the Tools Do?

  • Helps companies assess external impacts, business risks, opportunities and manage water-related issues at specific sites
  • Provides a common and consistent visualization platform for internal and external communication
  • Provides interconnectivity between global and local water risk assessments and a uniform approach between site assessments
  • Provides a central repository of information to create reports for internal and external stakeholders

Who Is It For?

Companies and organizations who wish to evaluate water-related external impacts, business risks and sufficiency of management plans at specific sites.

How Does the GEMI LWT™ link with the WBCSD GWT and the GEMI LWT™ for Oil and Gas link with the IPIECA GWT for Oil and Gas?

The GEMI LWT™ was developed in cooperation with the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) to link to the WBCSD Global Water Tool© (GWT) as well as with IPIECA, the global oil and gas industry association for environmental and social issues, to link to the IPIECA GWT for Oil and Gas and provide a set of tools that companies can use to sustainably manage water in their operations.  These tools are designed to be compatible to enable users to achieve full value from use of both tools. 

Companies can employ the WBCSD GWT or the IPIECA GWT for Oil and Gas to identify and prioritize high risk sites in their portfolios. Companies can then employ the GEMI LWT™ or GEMI LWT™ for Oil and Gas to further evaluate the high risk locations and identify actions to manage the risks. An option is provided in the GEMI tools to enable the user to transfer specific site data from the WBCSD or IPIECA tool. The purpose and functionality of each tool are mutually supportive and the tools share the same terminology.

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