GEMI Tool Matrix Solution Tools Matix Overview

Welcome to the Guided Discovery process of the GEMI Solution Tools Matrix™


The Guided Discovery process of the GEMI Solution Tools MatrixTM is designed to help users who are unfamiliar with the GEMI tools find useful information and a more appropriate tool for their need. To that end, the Guided Discovery contains a set of introductory questions to guide the user into determining which of the GEMI solution tools will be most relevant based on their responses.

Upon completing each of the 7 questions, the user will be presented with a set of results based on their previous responses and be able to view a result list of relevant GEMI solution tools, view a brief pop-up description of the tool, as well as click through to a full item detail page for that solution tool.  As the user completes each question, they will further narrow their search for the most relevant GEMI solution tool for their need.

If you have comments / suggestions for a future update to the Guided Discovery section or were not able to locate the tool you were looking for, please contact GEMI at